Chapter 02 – Adjusting

Photos from Chapter 2 of Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany. Highlights include ancient Roman ruins, a pair of pig carcasses and a Mills & Boon vendor.

(All photos are captioned. Just click on the first image and you’re away.)


2 thoughts on “Chapter 02 – Adjusting

  1. Congratulations, Shamus. The pics are a terrific companion to the book, which I enjoyed greatly. It was all the more enjoyable on account of my knowing you personally. Actually, I reckon the “local heartthrob” Patrizio looks a bit like a younger you!

    All the best to you both. Don

  2. Thanks, Don. Not sure what Patrizio would say about the comparison but I’ll take it! Glad you enjoyed the book/pics and hope all is well in Brisbane.


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