Chapter 01 – Arriving

Photos from Chapter 1 of Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany. Highlights include piles of sheep’s offal, a handlebar moustache and the nicest graffiti on the block.

(All photos are captioned. Just click on the first image and you’re away.)


2 thoughts on “Chapter 01 – Arriving

  1. Hi Shamus
    My wife bought your book at the BBWF. I don’t think she saw you speak as you clashed with Bob Brown or something.
    The reason she bought it is because we are off to Italy next month. The itinerary includes ten days in Sicily and a week on a bare boat yacht charter out of Palermo – (me plus five women – I think there will be a best seller come out of that trip for me too)
    Anyhow, here I am in Brisbane, lying in bed at 2.14am reading your Chapter 3 on Taormina and Isola Bella and thinking ‘what kind of dumb-arsed travel book is this without any photos?’
    So I lean over to get her iPad thingy from the floor on her side of the bed to look you up and see what kind of idiot you look like. Lo and behold I find you have a great website with a photo gallery to accompany each chapter.
    So I thought you might like to know that I take back all those bad thoughts I thunk about you.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, “BBWF” could just about have stood for “Bob Brown Writers Festival”, so massive was the crowd he pulled when he spoke. Glad you’re off to Italy. Ten days in a women-laden boat off Palermo has a better ring to it than three months in an ash storm in Catania! I reckon the photos might be more interesting than mine, too… Thanks for reading.


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