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  1. I’m halfway thought your book and loving it. Laugh out loud loving it. It may not be available at Amazon as yet, but I got an electronic copy on my kindle from Amazon. Can’t wait to read your next book about China, and I’m really sorry I missed your launch at the Avid Reader.

  2. Thanks, Jeneane! Glad you picked up the Kindle version. Hopefully see you at Avid for the China launch somewhere down the track.


  3. I’ve just finished your book (sorry it was an eBook from the library so I have not contributed financially) and my family keep looking at me strangely as I chuckle away in the corner while they are watching something boring on TV. However, I have recommended it to all and sundry and I’m looking forward to your next one. Lyn

  4. James: Thanks! As an Aussie author, I reckon “piss funny” is about the most concise and positive endorsement I could get. Hope you enjoy the second half. Cheers, Shamus.

    Lyn: Don’t worry, my family keeps looking at me strangely, too. Thanks for the recommendations – much appreciated! Cheers, Shamus.

  5. I was pining for an Italy fix when I purchased your book in QBD. Last year I spent 6 months travelling around Italy visiting relatives and eating mozzarella di bufala like it was going out of fashion. My parenti warned me about venturing south fearing that the terroni would capture me and feed me to the pigs but I ignored their advice and worked on an agriturismo near to Tropea. I loved every minute and spent a week exploring Sicily. Reading your book made me want to go back. Please write more travel books! It was a nice suprise to find myself laughing out loud and relating so much to your quirky anecdotes. You’ve probably heard it before but your writing style is a bit Bill Brysonesque. Thanks 🙂 Rebeccca

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks so much for the feedback. We only spent a day in Calabria (in Scilla) but I was very keen to push on up to Tropea – it looks astonishing. I’d also love to go back to Sicily, despite some of the trying situations we found ourselves in. It’s an amazing island.

      By the way, it seems unfashionable these days to admit to liking Bill Bryson’s travel books, but I’m happy to say I love them, so thanks for the “Brysonesque” tag!


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