Chapter 20 – Leaving

Photos from the final chapter of Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany. Highlights include a beach with Italian characteristics, summer partying and a final glimpse at Etna from a plane window.

(All photos are captioned. Just click on the first image and you’re away.)


2 thoughts on “Chapter 20 – Leaving

  1. Hi Shamus and Gill
    I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed reading “Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany”. In fact I read it in two days! As a child of parents who emigrated from Sicily to Sydney, I found myself transported to their world again. I have actually been to Sicily 4 times (I’m 47) and you have refreshed my memory somewhat, not only in the places you visited but also the nature of the people there. My husband was amused at the many giggles I had at the familiarity of some scenarios (my cousins telling me about all the “dottore” in the family) and the funny metaphors used to explain situations. The sicilian proverbs were great too, my dad used to quote some when I was younger. I have to say I was one of those “tourists” who climbed Mount Etna (2007) in one of those humoungus 4 Wheel Drive vehicles and can’t believe you did it on foot! What a fantastic view from the top hey. In fact Mt Etna erupted 1 month after we left, would have liked to have seen it but can understand the problem of the volcanic ash as my Aunty in Santa Venerina always tells me how it gets into everything. Thanks also for relaying some of the places I haven’t been yet, I’m now curious about them. Thanks too for providing the many contrasts of Sicily- physical beauty, historical relevance, great food, people’s humble beginnings, soccer, politics and so on; my memories have been invigorated. I hope you continue to write books of your travels or experiences I look forward to reading more. Your photos are great too, even the one of the white cat on the balcony, so funny!

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your comments. I’m so glad the book struck a chord! Yes, the Etna-on-foot thing was a mistake – but it’s definitely awesome up there. It didn’t make the book, but I went up the mountain again at the end of winter on a picture-perfect day, when the place was covered in snow and the cones were still steaming from the eruption – brilliant stuff. Santa Venerina? Wow, that place was hit pretty hard in the eruption that we were in Sicily for. I’m sure your Aunty has seen some amazing scenes over the years…

      Anyway, thanks for reading.


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