Little Red Dot

This morning I went jogging for the first time in yonks. It was the 10km Run For Hope, an event that raises money for cancer research; so, a very good reason to lace up the sneaks.

It was also a glorious morning, weather-wise. After yesterday’s deluge and minor flooding (I was fittingly at a screening of Skyfall when the heavens opened), Singapore turned on a show: vermillion sun rising over the Straits, deep-blue canopy above, rippling bottle-green water in the harbour, and other assorted colour-related cliches. It made me wish I had my camera with me. (It certainly couldn’t have made me jog any slower.) Continue reading

Of fruity loops and filaments drooling

Apropos of nothing, I love the auto-generated spam comment that I received here at overnight. Among the Joycean highlights are references to “frightened coffee”, “Sam Goody’s Arkansas repairman”, “what does kidney pain feel like” and the newspaper-headline-worthy “missed period defiance stunned antifungal research development”. String the gibberish together and you can even come up with some odd but readable haiku poetry: Continue reading