Of fruity loops and filaments drooling

Apropos of nothing, I love the auto-generated spam comment that I received here at shamussillar.com overnight. Among the Joycean highlights are references to “frightened coffee”, “Sam Goody’s Arkansas repairman”, “what does kidney pain feel like” and the newspaper-headline-worthy “missed period defiance stunned antifungal research development”. String the gibberish together and you can even come up with some odd but readable haiku poetry: Continue reading

In the press

When I was five, my photo appeared in The Northern Star, Lismore’s daily newspaper. (For those who don’t know Lismore, congratulations! No, I honestly don’t mean that. Lismore is a country town in northern NSW, near Byron Bay; it’s where I went to school.) The photo showed me and my sister Katie clinging to a rope swing on a hot afternoon out at the Lismore Lake. It was on the front page, too, so it must have been a slow news day. (Often the case in Lismore.)

Happily, after a hiatus of many years, I’ve just appeared in the Star again (“Hooked on Books”, 19 April). One of the paper’s journos interviewed me about appearing at the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival in August. Continue reading