Photos of, erm, flowers …

I’m not sure when I started taking lots of photos of flowers but it’s not something I ever expected would happen. Photos of food, sure. Photos of gritty urban life, you bet. But photos of hydrangeas? Hmm.

Don’t worry: I’m not about to start forking out for expensive macro lenses or camping out at the Botanic Gardens for sunrise shots of heliconias.

But I am going to inflict the following gallery of photos on you, all of them taken while hiking through the Dordogne region of France a few weeks ago.

There are no captions because my interest in flowers hasn’t yet extended to having the first clue about the name of a particular variety or species or genus – or whatever the word is that the flower nerds use. I’m pretty sure I know what a bunch of roses looks like (though my wife might suggest otherwise), but that’s about it.



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