Of fruity loops and filaments drooling

Apropos of nothing, I love the auto-generated spam comment that I received here at shamussillar.com overnight. Among the Joycean highlights are references to “frightened coffee”, “Sam Goody’s Arkansas repairman”, “what does kidney pain feel like” and the newspaper-headline-worthy “missed period defiance stunned antifungal research development”. String the gibberish together and you can even come up with some odd but readable haiku poetry:

drug delivery
transcended disturbingly
wayward atmosphere

pleasure smells: gravy,
pinot gris, pancake syrup,
hard-boiled eggs, group sex

Anyway, here’s the comment in full, for anyone interested in the weird part of the internet:

He fruity loops downloads appears paused naltrexone is derived from nodded silly levodopa rip ice parenteral drug delivery white decorative how to use malathion solve macroscopic iron ii hydrogen carbonate often diminished how much is a ept test ordeal pick meningococcal vaccine adverse events frightened coffee clear zal bac look lander dong ha strange intervention side effects of tenormin boiling density dihydroergotamine mesylate inpatient therapy prospective bounden pioglitazone vs rosi eighty cage what does kidney pain feel like follow tying canyou take spiriva and atrovent together thong dark purchase leonard creo painting leading matching most expensive california pinot gris ditch student procaine lasts extent crept rabies vaccine live virus infinity detail sam goody’s arkansas repairman emissary sch fer valp pris gelded plain buspar effectiveness enthusiasm populations diuretics how they work gentle dash usaf perdiem was collapse gravy hard boiled eggs bound branch gonadotropin releasing factor sweated harm btter pecan pancake syrup gay inflatable installing vax vms on an emulator slumped punishment clotrimazole troche deep rise vanishing legs group sex radiopharmaceuticals lustrous today ethylenediamine tetra-acetic daily brightness acidophilus infection ran phases how to process calcitonin specimen harlot intention ken pense alta ca husband fragile absorbine jr for horses puff stumbled cheetah girls music long murdering amlodipine and valsartan mental vocal carbonic anhydrase inhibitors filaments drooling benzoyl peroxide chemical methodically convergences glycolysis citric acid cycle offender satisfied sympathomimetic amines electorate fortunate raging hormones missed period defiance stunned antifungal research development be character hairless khala pilo pleasure smells seba igor skates transcended disturbingly sumatriptan sams prescription price logical sensible clarithromycin wiki language misunderstanding levothyroxine dose wayward atmosphere de havilland dhc 8 seating flexible worked frantically.


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  1. And for the record, here’s the comment I received shortly after this post went up:

    “Fantastic publish. I found myself checking out frequently your blog with this particular astounded! Exceptionally practical specifics specially the continue role When i love similarly info quite a bit. We were seeking out this valuable details for any many years. Thanks and also i wish you all.”

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