Of fruity loops and filaments drooling

Apropos of nothing, I love the auto-generated spam comment that I received here at shamussillar.com overnight. Among the Joycean highlights are references to “frightened coffee”, “Sam Goody’s Arkansas repairman”, “what does kidney pain feel like” and the newspaper-headline-worthy “missed period defiance stunned antifungal research development”. String the gibberish together and you can even come up with some odd but readable haiku poetry: Continue reading

The Ballad of Elton John (coda)

If you’ve been reading this blog (you have been reading it, right? Like, slavishly reading it?), you’ll know that my first book, Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany, was released with the surprise addition of 20 or so unwanted typesetting glitches. (For those who don’t know about this minor saga, you can find more details here and in The Sydney Morning Herald, here.) Continue reading

Catania sunrise

Early morning at the Porto di Catania, Sicily. A week later, Mount Etna filled the sky (and our apartment courtyard) with lava and ash following her most explosive flank eruption in a century and a half. The eruption lasted three months. (Hence the subtitle of my book…)