No, not the North Korean rocket. I mean my book. Actually, the two launches – in Brisbane and Byron – were over a month ago now. But I’ve only just got around to sourcing some images. Oddly enough for someone with a ridiculous 12,000 photos in his Flickr account, I didn’t even take the lens cap off my camera. Perhaps my mind was on other things – like whether or not anyone would show up. (I had visions of this scenario.) So, thanks to Tony, Stu and Sib for the photos. (Click to scroll.)

Other people I’d like to thank:

  • God, the Academy and the voters.
  • Everyone who attended, bought books, had a laugh, said hello.
  • Nick Earls for so readily supporting a newbie author and for offsetting that perfectly with a bit of piss-taking in his speech.
  • Sib for expertly keeping the conversation flowing in Byron in the face of my barrage of ums and ahs.
  • Sashie for causing a blackout halfway through my talk at Avid Reader. (Just joking; I know it wasn’t you.)
  • Jess for flying all that way.
  • Prof Milns for asking a suitably curly question.
  • Everyone who drove from Lismore, the Goldie, Bangalow, Ballina and beyond in dire March weather for the Byron launch.
  • Those who descended from the Brisbane hinterland for the West End shindig.
  • Sake restaurant at Riverside for the wagyu carpaccio in the lead-up to the Brissie launch. (And the oldies for footing the bill …)
  • Ferg for replenishing the beer supplies.
  • Rachael for the live tweets.
  • Rochey for the tunes across the road afterwards.
  • Dave, Kirst, Simmo, Franks, Dorothy and Keith for being good sports about their cameos.
  • Lefty, Stu, Rebecca and Aarna for sticking around for bevvies after Byron wrapped up.
  • Mavis and Tony for their reconnaissance mission in the planning stages.
  • Fiona, James and Krissy at Avid Reader.
  • Sarah, Jonathan and Sib at the Northern Rivers Writers Centre.
  • Anna and others at Allen & Unwin for help with invites and RSVPs.

And last but not least …

  • Mum and Dad for the ceaseless support and for coming to both events – must have been a yawn by the end!
  • and Gill for holding the fort.

Sorry if I missed anyone!

I’m currently in the planning stage for a launch here in Singapore. Hopefully more news about that soon.

4 thoughts on “Launched!

  1. Hi Shamus

    Just finished your book which I found in a bookshop in Casino while visiting my mother (yes, you read correctly, there is a bookshop in Casino these days – Beef Week is on soon too btw). I tried to scan it on to Goodreads to leave a review but the recent and limited release you mention here probably explains why it could not recognise the barcode. I’ll keep trying.

    I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the book immensely and was just looking closely at a map of Sicily as it is an area of Italy I haven’t visited. Now I will ask my Italian friends (who live near Ancona) their views on a visit. You would have loved the comments they had on Naples when we said we were heading off there …

    Best wishes for the success of the book.


    • Thanks, Lee.

      Beef Week is soon? I’d love to go, but with my knack of cracking onto the entrants in the Beef Week pageant, I may not get a leave pass from the missus…

      Glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks for trying Goodreads – I might take a look at that site and give it a go myself.

      Hope you make it to Sicily on your next trip to Italy.


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