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When I was five, my photo appeared in The Northern Star, Lismore’s daily newspaper. (For those who don’t know Lismore, congratulations! No, I honestly don’t mean that. Lismore is a country town in northern NSW, near Byron Bay; it’s where I went to school.) The photo showed me and my sister Katie clinging to a rope swing on a hot afternoon out at the Lismore Lake. It was on the front page, too, so it must have been a slow news day. (Often the case in Lismore.)

Happily, after a hiatus of many years, I’ve just appeared in the Star again (“Hooked on Books”, 19 April). One of the paper’s journos interviewed me about appearing at the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival in August.

I also got a mention in Byron Bay’s two newspapers, The Echo and The Byron Shire News (here and here). Usually it’s my Dad who appears in both of those, listed for his sporting prowess with the Veterans Golf at the Byron Bay Golf Club. (Onya, Dad.)

Anyway, I’m chuffed for all these plugs for my book, and chuffed that the festival organisers have put me on the first promotional poster for the festival (below). Sharing a billing with Stuart Littlemore isn’t something I envisaged as a Media Watch fan in the 1990s. Happy to take it though, especially as I’m sure I’ll quietly disappear from the poster once a few more big-name authors sign up for the event.

I’ve actually had one other cameo in The Northern Star in the past. It was 1988, and I’d just been selected to attend the National Mathematics Summer School in Canberra. This was deemed worthy of an interview and a photograph. I remember the journalist’s name – Gary Chigwidden – but I particularly remember the photo because I went out of my way to prove to the world that I wasn’t a massive maths nerd by wearing a Doors t-shirt, holding an acoustic guitar and giving the camera my best angsty stare. Fail.

Hope to see some of you at the festival in August, by the way.

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