The reviews are in …

For a first-time author, reviews can be daunting. But I’m not particularly fussed. I’ve always expected Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany to be disliked by certain groups – those who hold the Sicilian city of Catania dear to their hearts, for instance, and anyone who abhors the consumption of horse meat for pleasure. And, thanks to the book, I probably haven’t made too many friends in Toowoomba in Queensland, or in the Sydney suburb of Rooty Hill. (Or, indeed, in Germany.) Continue reading

10 Amazon products you might accidentally stumble upon when searching for my book

When a friend asked me recently if Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany was available at Amazon, I went to the website to check. Typing “Shamus Sillar” into the search bar sadly didn’t lead to my book (no huge surprise though, since distribution is currently limited to Australia and New Zealand), but it did lead to a whole lot of other weird and wonderful crapola, most of which I’m considering buying.

1. A Burt Reynolds DVD
Can’t say that I’ve seen Shamus, the 1973 action film about a hard-nosed private detective, though I do like this comment from one of the Amazon customers who reviewed it: “Burt Reynolds gets beat up so much in this film, it’s a wonder he can make love to Dyan Cannon on top of a pool table mid-movie!” Continue reading

For fog’s sake

Just got back to Singapore after two weeks at home for book launches and whatnot. More on all that later; in the meantime, here are some snapshots from an early morning drive in the Byron Bay hinterland.